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We will celebrate the worldwide Semifinal of Paellas Valenciana in San Diego where the winning team will travel to Spain, with paid expenses, to represent California in the worldwide paella de Sueca Championship.

We feel honored to count with

Celebrity chefs

Luis Roger brings two decades of Spanish gastronomy experience to BCN. Growing up around the family kitchen in Barcelona, Roger’s grandparents were a huge influence on his modern Spanish cuisine and his style is rooted in those family’s traditions.

Roger’s professional career began as a student of Culinary Arts at the esteemed Spanish academy, Escola d’Hostaleria Hofmann. While in school, he interned with two prominent catering companies in Barcelona: Esther Conde and Sibaris Catering. While gaining valuable experience as a student, it was Roger’s post-graduate internship at the famed El Bulli that transformed the way he thought about and approached food.

Roger says, “Working under Ferran Adrià changes your life forever. The way he thinks and his ability to bring out the very best in everyone who has the patience and the strength to stay with him. From him I learned the need to preserve the fundamentals of traditional cooking and ingredients as a base for new dishes”.


Established in 2012, Andrew’s latest venture, ANDREW SPURGIN™, brings his diverse skill sets to consulting work with caterers, chefs, restaurants and hotels. He also creates bespoke events—from concept, styling, menu design and vendor brokering—as well as other related focus areas. Andrew believes in sound community care and often accepts requests to act as host or culinary chair for charitable and gala events. After all, if you live in a community, why not give back to it?


Born in Mexico but cooking mostly in San Diego, she’s still the chef-owner behind Indulge Catering and present at every major food event in the region. “The Valle is very protective. They either love you or they hate you. I’m a very proud Mexican. But I’ve spent all my life in San Diego. Now I have a spot in Baja where I can share the talents of my American friends, as well as the talents of my Mexican friends. That’s why it’s called Convivia.


Chef Chris Tzorin was born to be a chef. His ambition drives him to go beyond his dreams, because to him nothing is impossible. He is a second generation chef; his father Chef Luis Tzorin mentored Chris beginning at the age of 15. His passion for the culinary industry began when he started helping his father in the kitchen at work, while at home he helped his mother make traditional enchiladas and special Mexican sauces including her signature Mole.



Chef Claudia is the author of the amazon Best-Seller cookbook”Claudia’s Cocina – A taste of Mexico” Best-Seller.  Claudia has since started her own culinary events business, she has worked as a spokesperson for brands like Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Kellogg’s, Target,  CoverFx, and Tajin.


San Roman has traveled the world representing Mexican classic and modern cuisine in Belgium, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States, and he has received more than 250 awards from 12 different countries. He was head chef in charge of gala dinners for the Mexican Presidency at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Executive Chef  at Chateau La Jolla Inn, he then took the helm at Paradise Grill in Del Mar, then Finch’s bistro and bernini’s bistro. Mario is becoming noteworthy for his culinary achievements, having been featured in magazines “San Diego Home and Garden”, “Dining Out”, “About Town”, “Where”, “Riviera”, “Fine”, “Ranch & Coast” and “Mexico Aquí”, and on many local television news channels. Mario attendend the Latin food festival in 2015. Mario was awarded Iron Chef of La Jolla in 2013, Chef of the month “Chef Work” in 2014, Chef Show down 2015 and Chef of the year “Chef de Cuisine” 2015.


Owner of the restaurant “Neuquén”. Dante Ferrero is a part of the gastronomic movement of northeastern Mexico and a part of the creation of the first International Gastronomy Forum in Monterrey. Today his most recent project is the restaurant Alode, a classic proposal with Argentinean style food mixed with local ingredients and techniques.


Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero has been recognized as the creator of the concept Baja Mediterranean. Owner of La Querencia restaurant in Baja the restaurant prominently featured Baja ingredients as well as the flavors of his Spanish-descended ancestors and other influences on Baja (particularly Asian).


Executive chef at the restaurant Horno 3 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Chef Judge on Masterchef Mexico, he has also appears in the Mexican TV show “ La Resolana”.


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We also will count with some of the best Chefs from California, Baja California, and as well as from other states.

Alex Emery

Alex Emery

Roger X. Nava-Balladares

Benjamin Schuster

Javier Rubio

Carlos Cervantes

Luis Moreno

Luis Moreno

Danny Lledo

Felipe Raul Lopez-Torrez

Bernando G. Piña

Marco Rodriguez

Leo Razzo

Daniella de la Puente
Eduardo Escalante
Manuel Julia
Alberto Cansino Gomez
Vicente Ortiz
Stevan Novoa
Francisco Perez


Danna Flores


Noelia Murias


Sandra Vasquez